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The right to freedom ,the right to privacy, right to earn a living, remains a fundamental right of every citizen, guaranteed by the indian constitution, yet in the indian internet sector, domain investors, engineers, webmasters are held virtual prisoners, with their correspondence, diverted to the associates, friends and relatives, of powerful dishonest cruel officials without a legally valid reason to cause great financial losses, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money in the process. The correspondence will include emails, postal mail, phone calls, smses.
These associates of the top officials will demand a bribe from the sender for delivery of the correspondence, or steal the correspondence according to their convenience, making it impossible for the domain investor, experienced webmaster, engineer to contact anyone for help or even earn a fair living except meeting people personally. Everyone she will meet will be threatened with false cases, or shown defamatory videos, wasting indian tax payer money, to make it impossible for her to earn a fair living or lead a normal life
Thus though emails are mentioned on all the websites, and even if the domain investor will try to get any work, no leads or enquiries will be ever reach the webmaster and domain investor. For most websites, the account will be closed without a valid reason. These are only for testing how successful these dishonest greedy officials are in wasting tax payer money to hold the harmless innnocent hardworking engineer, domain investor a virtual prisoner, stealing all her enquiries, orders, leads, blocking her payment. A business can only flourish if the business owner and others can freely contact customers and vendors. When a fraud government official is demanding a bribe at every stage, it is difficult to survive
Though Google wants more women to use the internet in India there has been no attempt to help the harmless hardworking innocent women who are held virtual prisoners in the indian internet sector, unable to earn a living due to the human rights abuses, theft of correspondence, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money, expensive government equipment. hence people should be aware of the cruel inhuman dishonest indian internet sector and take a decision accordingly. Filing RTI request has not helped, hence a brilliant obc professional working in the indian internet sector who could be targetted should make provision for the fact that they will be held a virtual prisoner with no chance of help and take a decision accordingly .
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