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Choosing the right or wrong career can adversely affect the the finances of a person, especially a single woman. Most women are not aware of the open discrimination they will face in the indian internet sector, otherwise they will select other options, where they will not be held virtual prisoner. The appearance of a woman is widely used by powerful government employees, internet companies to justify the resume theft
The indian internet sector discriminates against plain looking/ugly women in the worst manner, and women are judged exclusively on the basis of their appearance, marital status, fashion sense, hairstyle and lookism appears to be rampant. In other sectors,like the engineering sector or accounting, a woman will be judged on the basis of her experience, qualification, knowledge, skills, work ethic, investment, her appearance will be just one factor which will determine her career. Hence a woman who is not good looking should make her career choice accordingly to avoid exploitation and being treated unfairly, which can cause a lot of resentment, mental stress and frustration .
In the indian internet sector, if a woman is not good looking or westernized enough, the arrogant powerful men in charge will arrogantly assume that she does not know anything , slander and defame her in the worst manner wasting indian tax payer to make and circulate defamatory videos, falsely spread defamtory rumours that she is a fool who does not know anything or do any work. They will abuse their powers, waste expensive government equipment to hack the laptop of the single woman , so that they can falsely claim that their lazy liar cheater good looking mediocre friends and relatives are doing all the work, when these women do no computer work at all. The powerful men involved in the harassment cannot be identified, else a case of discrimination could be filed against them.
When these powerful officials realize that she is an expert, they have made a mistake, these unprofessional cowardly men will waste years, a large amount of indian tax payer money, to force her to form a company with their goodlooking lazy liar cheater mediocre friends and relatives like nayashree hathwar, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, riddhi nayak, when these fraud women are extremely lazy, risk averse and have no morals or humanity at all. These cunning shameless dishonest officials will also falsely claim that their lazy liar cheater mediocre friends and relatives like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, siddhi, sunaina have the experience, engineering degree, qualification, skills, work ethic, investment of the single woman who is not good looking, to fraudulently appoint these friends and relatives to very lucrative government jobs with monthly salary, so that these cheater friends can help the officials in harassing, cheating, defaming and exploiting the hardworking expert, wasting indian tax payer money to force the expert in forming a company with these cunning women.
If women were aware of so much discrimination, exploitation , cheating they would be subjected to, only because of their appearance, they would take the right career decision accordingly, as the appearance of most people cannot be changed to a very great extent. The appearance of a person will depend mainly on hereditary factors, and brahmins are usually better looking. For example in the indian internet sector powerful officials will falsely claim that a mediocre cheater BBM nayanshree who cannot even write in proper english or goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak who looks like kangana ranaut, was their engineering college classmate, just because she is very good looking,a brahmin, well connected and has cheated their ugly engineering college classmate who they hate.
Now that 8-10 fraud government R&AW/CBI employees are getting a monthly salary from the indian government for impersonating india's largest female domain investor who has got nothing, the top officials involved in the fraud are not wasting a huge amount of tax payer money, approximately $18000 to destroy her life, holding her virtual prisoner so that their great fraud will not be exposed and she does not work elsewhere. All leads, orders of the domain investor are stolen by these fraud officials, making it extremely difficult to earn a fair living. When the indian government is wasting Rs 11 lakh monthly or more of tax payer money, to ensure that a harmless citizen does not make any money, it remains extremely difficult for a civilian to fight the system.
For more details or if any clarifications are needed send an email to info@epc.in

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