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Double standards, hypocrisy
While planning personal finances, an individual should consider his or her background like caste and make plans accordingly, The financial sector in India remains dominated by Brahmins and many officials are extremely resentful of people of other castes who work hard, lead a frugal life and become wealthy, A brilliant innocent obc engineer has her retirement savings of twenty years stolen without a court order or valid reason as these officials make completely fake allegations without any proof at all for years. The indian internet sector has the most amazing double standards with reference to honesty, integrity. Extremely powerful officials are quick to accuse and viciously defame an innocent person , domain investor, webmaster without any proof at all, stalking her, making and circulating defamatory videos, photos to ruin the reputation of the innocent person, wasting indian tax payer money and expensive government equipment.
On the other hand if the relatives and friends of top officials will repeatedly cheat, lie, commit corporate espionage on an innocent person who these officials have cruelly defamed, even if proof will be available, these evil, dishonest hypocrite officials will not only protect and pamper these cheaters, they will also reward the cheaters with extremely important government jobs for cheating, falsely claiming that the inexperienced cheaters have the experience, qualification, investment, skills, work ethic of honest innocent person they have cheated.
These officials will also falsely claim that their inexperienced mediocre friends have the experience, qualification, investment, skills, of the innocent woman. These officials claim to be concerned about honesty and integrity, yet why do they make false claims about the qualification, experience of their mediocre inexperienced lazy liar friends and relatives, are they being honest in faking experience, engineering degree, investment, skills? How are these double standards justified?
These officials will never have the guts to admit or justify their double standards in pampering, protecting and rewarding cheaters for exploiting an innocent harmless hardworking person in an open debate, and ruthlessly censor online content to ensure that their great fraud on an honest hardworking person will not get exposed.
These officials are very powerful, respectable, high status, considered to be role models, VIPs, yet they completely lack morals, humanity, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and are cowards who will never have the courage to face the innocent harmless woman who they have viciously defamed and cheated, stolen her retirement savings and are denying her fundamental rights out of hatred and jealousy
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